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Labour Law / Factory Compliance Training

If someone is not aware of the legal requirements, appropriate controls and protection are hardly likely to be employed. We offer to clients an integrated approach to Legal Compliance Training

‘Training’ is about people - about changing their behavior, enhancing existing skills and helping them gain knowledge to achieve their goals, about imparting knowledge, transfer of skills and the competence to implement new knowledge and skills into the workplace.

We all acquire a body of knowledge, but the key to our effectiveness is developing and improving our skills over the time. We therefore need to acquire, maintain and update our skills throughout our life. Wizemen can help companies fill this gap through our specialized training and development programs designed to help employees navigate through compliance challenges that they face.

Customised courses for you

Everyone’s needs are unique, and at Wizemen we develop training program Customized and designed to be effective for you. To begin with the attendee needs to be motivated to take compliance seriously. Awareness is used to reinforce the fact that compliance supports the mission of the organization!

One of the keys to our success has been our attention to detail. In our training process, we analyse the training needs of your organisation before we start any training. In this way we know we have designed courses specific to your requirements.

We co-ordinate and manage the whole training function; training your personnel using a variety of delivery methods. The most requested method is through structured training sessions in the classroom or workplace followed by quiz. Our trainers not only have the academic qualifications, but industry knowledge and skills and all training programmes are delivered by Trainer who have years of industry experience.

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We have successfully designed and delivered training at many organizations, including a few finance companies, manufacturing sectors, for which we provided custom-made modules, with classroom and on-the-job inputs.