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Compliance Listing Pan India

Are you absolutely sure that your organisation is compliant with all the legislation? The reality is that very few organisations are fully compliant with all the legislations.

The legal compliance listing poses a challenge both to organisations seeking certification as well as certification bodies seeking to audit against the standard. It means that being absolutely certain that all legal requirements are being met. Legal requirements can take many forms, such as Legislation, including Statutes and regulations, Decrees and directives, Orders issued by regulatory agencies, Judgments of courts or administrative tribunals.

Common Mistakes

In the complex world of legal compliance, there are a number of common stumbling blocks.

  • First up - ‘No legislations have been identified’.
  • Another popular one is ‘Not enough legislation has been identified’.
    Organisations often do not identify all of the legal and other requirements that apply to them. This means that any legal compliance process will be incomplete. It will create a false confidence that all is in order when in fact it is not.
  • Conversely, another common mistake is: ‘Too much legislation has been identified.’ Whereas some organisations do not identify enough legislation, some identify too much! The ‘logic’ applied here is better to identify too much legislation than too little.

PAN India Compliance listing

We provide Pan Iindia compliance listing covering State Specific Acts/Rules. Our Compliance listing process strikes a right balance and is one of the best for identifying the legal and other requirements that apply to you. The result is an accurate listing of the acts of parliament and regulations that apply to your organisation, together with other requirements such as codes of practice and guidance notes.